Support of your business in Russia

Our Company Aragonia is ready to assist you in promotion of your business in the promising and fast-growing Russian market. We offer a full range of services that may be required for foreign companies seeking to develop business or already doing business in Russia.

The main services that we offer:

  • advice on specifics of the Russian Federation legislation
    We can help you to understand the complex issues of law (tax, contract, employment, investment, etc.), we will inform about changes in legislation and recommend how to reflect changes in the current activities of your company.
  • The choice of the legal form of foreign business in Russia
    Foreign companies may conduct business in Russia by opening representative offices, branches or enterprises with foreign investment (the share of the foreign capital can be up to 100%).
    We can help you to choose the best legal form of your company.
  • The choice of optimal taxation
    To avoid serious problems, it is very important to choose the most optimal balance between legal form of the company and the tax system, depending on the type of activity, which is to be performed.
    We will find the tax system which will be the most preferable with reference to your business.
  • certification of representative offices, registration of a Russian legal entity with foreign investment
  • we lease offices for rent (from a workplace to entire buildings)
  • we make and submit monthly and quarterly accounting statements, as well as file reports to Pension Fund of the Russian Federation, Federal Social Insurance department, statistical agencies, etc. 
  • drafting of new contracts and analysis of the existing ones which are going to be concluded on the territory of the Russian Federation in terms of economic and legal consequences of their implementation
  • representing foreign companies in governmental and administrative bodies
  • representing foreign companies in courts of general jurisdiction and arbitration courts
  • international tax planning.

Our team of professional lawyers, financiers, economists and accountants will help you make the right decisions, avoid unnecessary costs and achieve your goals.