The island nation in the western Indian Ocean, located just to the south of the equator, to the north-east of Madagascar. The republic consists of more than 100 islands, only 33 of them are inhabited. The largest island is Mahe.



Official languages

English, French, Creole


An independent republic. The President is the head of the state and government/ He is elected by popular vote for five-year period. The State Assembly governs the legislature.


Seychelles Rupee (SCR)


Tourism and fishing industries make a large contribution to the economy of the Seychelles. Advanced laws and encouraging of foreign investment contribute to creation of offshore structures, that have now become a significant element of the economy. A growing number of international banks and insurance companies create subsidiaries or affiliated companies. The number of accounting and legal firms that can offer support to its customers is constantly growing. The country's infrastructure is well developed. The international airport of the Seychelles is one of the best in the Indian Ocean region.

Legal system

Based on the common law of England and the civil law of France.

Corporate law

  • The International Business Companies Act, 1994
  • The International Trusts Act, 1994
  • The Seychelles' Foundations Act, t 2009

Types of companies

  • International Business Company
  • Seychelles Companies with Special License (CSL)
  • Trust
  • Foundation

International Business Company, IBC

  • The name can be in any language, but it must be accompanied by a translation into English or French. The documentation must be in English, or bilingual.
  • International Business Company can not carry out trading activities in the Seychelles or own real estate there. A license is required for conducting banking, insurance, guarantee activity. The company shall not conduct business with residents of Seychelles, has no right to provide registration services.
  • The registered office of Seychelles International Business Company should be in the Seychelles and the registered agent must have a license.
  • No requirement for payment of the share capital.
  • Registered shares, bearer shares, shares without par value, preference shares, redeemable shares and with or without voting rights are allowed.
  • Companies require a minimum of one shareholder, one director - individual or legal entity of any nationality and need not be resident in the Seychelles.
  • No secretary is required.
  • Shareholders / Directors meetings may be held anywhere in the world, including by telephone.
  • The fee for the establishment of the company is 100 USD. The annual fee for renewal of the company is 100 USD. It is fixed throughout the period of the company.
  • Filing of financial reports is not required, but the company must keep books that reflect its financial position.
  • Disclosure of information of beneficiary to authorities is not required.


  • Seychelles International Business Authority (SIBA) is the authority governing Trusts in the Seychelles along with the court.
  • International Trust can be established in writing, by will or by oral declaration. Purpose trusts are allowed.
  • Founder of the Trust shall be located outside the Seychelles for the duration of the Trust.
  • Trustee should be on the territory of the Seychelles. International Business Company can act as a trustee. Such a company may be the founder of a Trust.
  • The assets of the Trust may not include movable and immovable property of the Seychelles. The names of the founders and beneficiaries of the Trust are confidential and may be disclosed only by court order on the case of money laundering. The standard duration of a Trust is 100 years, but this is not applicable to Purpose Trust. Court decisions on compulsory inheritance do not apply.


  • State fee for establishment is 200 USD. The annual fee for renewal of Foundation is 200 USD. Unlike other jurisdictions, it is not necessary in the Seychelles to name Foundation councils in the Charter.
  • Foundation is established by the Charter, that must be signed by one or more founders. After registration of Foundation, the Registrar (SIBA) issues a certificate of registration. Foundation is a separate legal entity.
  • In order to maintain confidentiality it is no required to file the Regulations of Foundation to the Registrar. Objectives of Foundation may be charitable or otherwise. Foundation may be established for the benefit of a beneficiary or for a particular purpose.
  • Council is in charge for the management and distribution of assets of Foundation. Seychelles Foundation must have at least one member of the Council, which may be natural or legal person.
  • Foundation is exempt from tax on profits, income tax, social security contributions and the payment of stamp duty.
  • Foundation may own assets around the world, except for the Seychelles.
  • Foundation is the only owner of its assets (not the founder or beneficiaries). The law provides protection for the assets of Foundation.
  • The founder of Foundation may be natural or legal person, the beneficiary of Foundation (if it is not the sole one). Admitted Nominee. It is not necessary to appoint a Guardian of the Foundation. If the Guardian is appointed, it may be natural or legal person.
  • Foundation shall maintain accounting records, which its board may deem necessary to reflect the financial position of Foundation. An audit of these records is not required.
  • The law provides for the possibility of an extension of foreign Foundation in the Seychelles and the renewal of Seychelles Foundation abroad. As well as the consolidation of several Foundations into one.


Seychelles International Company is not subject to local taxes. 1.5% pay Companies with a Special License. An international trust is exempt from tax in the Seychelles. Registration fee of 100 USD is paid in SIBA. Registration of trusts is carried out by one of two licensed trustees currently available in the Seychelles.

Agreements on avoidance of double taxation

No Agreements.