Legal advice

Our team of professional lawyers specializes in providing legal assistance in various areas of law.

Practical experience in the field of jurisprudence as well as excellent knowledge of current legislation allows our specialists to solve the clients’ problems successfully and quickly.

Lawyers of our company are members of International Bar Association.

In our work we use the experience-proven standard methods:

Legal Advice

We will help you to understand complex legal issues, will make recommendations for your business optimization, offer solutions of problems based on your specific needs.

Legal support of business deals

We will help you to coordinate all the essential terms of deals and make necessary documents. We are also ready to accompany the state registration of your deals.

Our experts can participate in negotiations on your part to assess risk and guide your interests.

Among our partners in many countries there are lawyers and barristers who are willing to cooperate with us on legal support of our customers’ business deals.

Support of corporate restructuring using various instruments (merger / acquisition / separation, etc.), as well as dissolution of companies.

We will help you to develop and implement an optimal corporate structure and a holding company. Support of our customers in the areas of corporate law is one of the main areas of our work.

Preparation of claims and appeals to court and other government bodies

We will help you to apply to court and other government bodies to solve your problem. Our experts will quickly and correctly make all necessary documents (applications, petitions, complaints, inquiries, etc.)

Representing clients in courts of general jurisdiction and arbitration courts in various disputes, including (but not limited to)

  • commercial disputes
  • arbitration disputes
  • bankruptcy
  • tax disputes

We will help you to formulate and justify your position in court, to argue it and respond quickly to counter-evidence of an opponent;to use all the procedural tools in full force.

Our experts use successful court practice in similar cases and are guided by recommendations and explanations of higher courts regarding the law practice for certain categories of disputes. Our experts have extensive practical experience in upholding cases in courts.

Enforcement proceedings support

We will help you to initiate enforcement proceedings, assist in the most efficient enforcement of judicial decisions.

Assistance in intellectual property protection

We will help you to register the trademark in any country of Madrid Protocol and will assist you in the protection of other rights of intellectual property using various tools.

In addition to the above standard legal solutions, we are always ready to assist our clients in unusual situations. Our experts develop customized recommendations and solutions for each client.