Accounting and Book-keeping

Our clients who develop international business through European and other jurisdictions must comply with requirements of legislation of different countries with regard to accounting standards, procedures of preparing and submitting financial statements, calculations and payments of various taxes. This task becomes especially difficult, if the business is done through several entities forming a group which are registered in different jurisdictions.

You can save much time and effort by way of outsourcing accounting and tax work, in other words, by engaging qualified professionals. This approach allows shifting attention of staff, especially senior managers to the issues directly related to the business (sales, development, etc.) instead of routine tasks.

Our customers know about it and actively use the experience and knowledge of our accountants and tax advisers.

We offer a full range of accounting and tax business support.


On the basis of copies of the primary accounting documents submitted to us after the end of the reporting period our specialists make the primary accounting, ranging from checking of lists of documents and entering them into a system of accounting and to the trial balance. Subsequently the completeness of the data collected is checked and, if it necessary, the client it requested to submit the missing documents or the necessary explanations.

If a client needs to keep accounting on-line and have the data on the financial status of business easily and promptly accessible, we offer such service either, on condition that primary documents are regularly received.

Preparation and submission of a complete set of mandatory financial statements

In many jurisdictions, a company must submit an annual set of financial statements. Usually, these statements are based on local (GAAP) or international standards (IFRS).

The situation in Europe is especially confusing. Our customers who operate a group of companies there have to comply with both local standards and international standards when preparing consolidated statements of the group. The situation becomes even more complicated, because these standards are now rapidly changing and one must track these changes to make a proper financial statement. In such cases, our customers have to involve highly qualified professionals who practiced in several accounting standards.

Of course, companies can hire a few accountants and tax experts who have the necessary knowledge ... Or, alternatively, use outsourced skilled professionals.

We offer services of preparation and submission financial statements under the relevant standards, regulations and rules provided by the legislation of particular jurisdictions. For customers having business internationally through a group of companies our specialists, in addition to separate statements of separate companies within the group will prepare the consolidated statement of the group under the international standard.

Calculation of tax liabilities of the company and submission of tax returns

We will help you in solving problems arising in connection with obligation to complete and submit tax returns in different countries, depending on the residence of the companies. Tax returns data are prepared in accordance with the tax laws of the jurisdiction. Our partners in the country of residence of the client company, acting as tax agents, will submit the prepared tax returns in time prescribed by law.

Our service also include registration of companies for VAT, preparation and submission of quarterly reports on VAT, preparation and submission of forms VIES, filling declarations of corporate income tax, calculation of preliminary and total tax liability and its payment on behalf of a client, interaction with tax authorities and representation on behalf of the client in the country of residence.

International tax advice

If you have international business, you often need advice of an experienced tax advisor before entering into a transaction or prior to restructuring the companies. We can provide you with comprehensive advice on tax issues related to your business and personal wealth. Consultations will be prepared on the basis of information received from the client and the documents provided, taking into account the specifics of the business.

Apart from information on tax returns and payment, we can also offer the best solutions for more complex issues such as restructuring of companies and groups, tax planning when business expansion in new regions and jurisdictions is planned, analysis and adjustment of contracts and customer agreements taking into account tax considerations, the effective tax strategies in the areas related to licensing, software, and finally, the overall lower tax burden for an international group of companies.