Welcome to the web-site of Aragonia. Our company has divisions in different corners of the world and has been working in the international markets since 1995.

Our experience helps us and our clients to solve an easy at first sight but so difficult problem indeed - how to keep and greatly increase the capital.

The solution of this problem has a great number of components starting from a currency choice (rouble - is a currency too!) and developing a tax-efficiency program to the problem of assets inheritance.

Our ways of solving the problems can range from a simple advice like: «Keep your money in Savings Bank» to offering real help in participation in so-called hedge-funds which are very popular abroad now.

Some simple advice you can see on our web-site but the best decision you will undoubtedly find if you let our experts and advisers know about your target or problem.

Creation of tools for assets preservation

  • We help to establish a company in the jurisdiction you choose;
  • We help to open bank accounts;
  • We help to open broker accounts;
  • We help to open trading accounts in currency market;
  • We help to enter investment agreements with western hedge funds;
  • We help to enter investment agreements with various banks and investing companies.

Practical help in investment

  • Choice of a correct target;
  • Insight of tax issues;
  • Practical implementation of all stages of the problem solution;
  • Inheritance of assets.

The products and services discussed in this website are not solicited to US customers