Help in Investment

Objectives are set, Purposes are determined, Strategies are chosen.

What's next? We will help you with the rest.

We can offer:

  1. We can develop recommendations on investment using our experience and existing opportunities and taking into account our client's wishes.
  2. For those wishing to invest on their own: starting from decision-making and ending with the payment of all taxes and charges, we can offer our help in opening brokerage accounts, accounts in investment banks or in specialized funds and companies. It is further assumed that the investor will independently manage their accounts.
  3. For those who want to ”know the way the wind blows”, but does not have time for the whole investment process, we offer opening accounts similar to those specified in paragraph 2 above, but, our staff will have the right to trade without withdrawing the funds.
  4. For those who want to simplify the paperwork for themselves and solve legal issues, we can offer to make an investment agreement with one of our funds or companies. In such agreement, we will try to accommodate all your wishes, including those about amendments of investment contracts, receiving dividends, rental payments, etc.
  5. We can establish a personal trust or foundation based on real needs of inheritance, management, taxation and so on.