Investing purposes

Investing purposes are often left undetermined – we just need to get income at first and how to use it and what for we'll decide when we have it. Many people think that there is no use to sell the bear's skin before one has caught the bear.

This is certainly true, but when a clear and precise investing purpose is determined, it is much easier to identify the needs and investing portfolio.

The most common investing purposes are quite simple and can be divided into several groups:

  1. Retirement plan. Of course, there are pension funds for this purpose, however, the rules of these funds are not always acceptable for people and many of them want to set their own rules in this game.
  2. Investing for descendants. The best instrument for this purpose is Trust.
  3. Investing in rental property. In this case, returns from investments are the source for current needs satisfaction.
  4. Investing for obtaining privileges, such as a residence permit/citizenship in a chosen jurisdiction. Such programs exist in many countries. Current offers can be found in our Website in the section Services. We also provide support in implementing these programs.
  5. Investing for accumulation of a certain amount for major purchases, such as real estate, a car, etc.
  6. Protecting and, preferably, increasing current savings without a clear purpose but with a firm desire to protect.