Investing strategy

After the investing objective has been determined one should find a strategy for its achievement.

Two questions arise at this moment:

  • What instruments to choose?
  • How to invest?

The question "What instruments to choose?" one can answer:

  1. On their own. Textbooks, Internet, TV, friends' advice. Those who are interested in this matter will find the sources of knowledge on their own and decide how much to study. Those who are not interested in this matter or have no time for this, can read paragraph 2, or even paragraph 3.
  2. Using recommendations of qualified investors. As a rule, such information is regularly distributed on a fee basis in special editions or through the Internet. In this case everything is easy - find out what profs (Buffett, Soros etc.) do and do the same.
  3. Not answer this question at all. Just determine your risk tolerance on the basis of your Objectives and Purposes and go to section Help.

How to invest - this question is not that easy as it can seem at first sight. Even such an easy task as buying property arises a lot of questions - who will be the owner (individual - if yes, then who exactly?, legal person - if yes, then in which jurisdiction?), how to pay – in cash, by a bank transfer, using other banking mechanisms, how to pay taxes properly, etc.

Similar questions arise in connection with investing. If you already have the answers to these questions, you may go to section Help.